Saturday, 30 April 2011


The word freedom serves to express an important, perhaps the most important tension. People always want to get away, and if the place they want to get to has no name, if it is uncertain and they can't see any borders in it, they call it freedom.
Elias Canetti


Wednesday, 20 April 2011


One sees thoughts stretching out of the water, one believes they are calling for help. A mistake: They live below, intimate and very familiar with one another, just try and pull a single one alone!
Elias Canetti
The human Province

The origin of freedom, lies in breathing. Anyone can draw breath from any air, and the freedom to breathe is the only one that has not really been destroyed to this day.
Elias Canetti in 1942

Saturday, 16 April 2011

evolving conversations.......

The novel should not be in any hurry. Once, hurry belonged to its sphere, now the film has taken that over; measured by the film, the hasty novel must always remain inadequate. The novel, as a creature of calmer times, may carry something of that old calm into our new hastiness. It could  serve many people as a slow motion; it could induce them to tarry; it could replace the empty meditation of their cults.
Elias Canetti

Only an image can please you totally, but never a human being. The origin of angels.

The days are distinct, but the night has only one name

As of a certain age it would be nice to grow smaller again from year to year and go backwards over th same steps that we once so proudly climbed. The ranks and honors of old age would still have to be the same as today; so that very small people, the size of six-or eight-year-old boys/girls, would be considered the wisest and the most experienced. No Child could wish to become something great. History, because of its age, would loose significance; we would feel as if the events of three hundred years ago had taken place among insect-like creatures, and the past would have the good fortune to be overlooked.
Elias Canetti-1942 the Human Province