Saturday, 10 March 2018

the coconut grove......

There are professions more harmful than industrial design, 
but only a very few of them. And possibly only one profession is phonier. 
Advertising design, in persuading people to buy things they don't need, 
with money they don't have, 
in order to impress others who don't care, 
is probably the phoniest field in existence today. 
Industrial design, by concocting the tawdry idiocies hawked by advertisers, 
comes a close second. 

Never before in history have grown men sat down and seriously designed electric hairbrushes, rhinestone-covered file boxes, 
and mink carpeting for bathrooms, 
and then drawn up elaborate plans to make and sell these gadgets to millions of people. 
Before (in the 'good old days'), 
if a person liked killing people, 
he had to become a general, 
purchase a coal-mine, 
or else study nuclear physics. 

Today, industrial design has put murder on a mass-production basis. 
By designing criminally unsafe automobiles 
that kill or maim nearly one million people around the world each year, 
by creating whole new species of permanent garbage to clutter up the landscape, 
and by choosing materials and processes that pollute the air we breathe, 
designers have become a dangerous breed. 
And the skills needed in these activities are taught carefully to young people.

 In an age of mass production when everything must be planned and designed, 
design has become the most powerful tool with which man shapes his 
tools and environments (and, by extension, society and himself). 
This demands high social and moral responsibility from the designer. 
It also demands greater understanding of the people 
by those who practice design 
and more insight into the design process by the public. 
Not a single volume on the responsibility of the designer, 
no book on design that considers the public in this way, 
has ever been published anywhere. 

In February 1968, 
Fortune magazine published an article that foretold the end of the industrial design profession. Predictably, designers reacted with scorn and alarm. 
But I feel that the main arguments of the Fortune article are valid. 
It is about time that industrial design, 
as we have come to know it, 
should cease to exist. 
As long as design concerns itself with confecting trivial 'toys for adults', 
killing machines with gleaming tailfins, 
and ‘sexed-up' shrouds for typewriters, toasters, telephones, and computers, 
it has lost all reason to exist.

Victor design for the real world

Thursday, 8 February 2018

On the edge of Hope.......

As long as there are any people in the world 
who have no power whatsoever, 
I cannot lose all hope.

Voices-such that no one could take for granted, 
as though they will always be the same. 
Piercing voices. 
Caressing voices. 
Wounded voices.

Perhaps it wouldn't be so bad to die happily, 
so long as one has never happily witnessed someone else's death.

Every spoken word is false.

Every written word is false.

Every word is false. But what exists without words?
Elias Canetti

Monday, 15 January 2018


How much one has to say in order to be heard when silent.

Only the unexpected makes us happy, 
but it has to meet with many expected things, 
which it disperses.
                                                                                                      Elias Canetti

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

God from an egg....

God from an egg,
 and the philosopher who laid it. 
Then the efficient will be outlawed,
 and anyone having success will be punished.

Those heroes! 
They always know who’s watching. 

Everything gets more meaningful from year to year: 

the aging will drown in meanings.

The arrogance of a concept as the basest arrogance, 
for it has a huge hoard of coins to buy more, 

but it is too tightfisted to change them.  
Elias Canetti

Saturday, 30 December 2017


Everything became faster so there would be more time. But there is always less and less time.

The degree of definiteness in news keeps changing 
according to the way it’s transmitted. 
A messenger came running, 
his excitement infected the receiver. 

They had to act instantly. 
The excitement became the faith in the message. 

A letter is calm, 
if for no other reason than because it was secret during it’s transmission. 
One believes it, 
but with reservations,
 and one doesn’t feel impelled to act. 

The telegram combines certain features of the letter
 and with those of the old oral messenger.
 It is secret, unknown to the deliverer,
 but one is served alone with it;

 It is even more sudden than the messenger,
 it has something of death and therefore inspires more fear. 

We believe a telegram. 
Nothing is more disconcerting than to learn that a telegram lied.

One cannot breathe, 
everything is full of victory.

He imagines how people would have stood their own against an evil God.
 They would have become good against him.

 They would never have expected anything of him or prayed for anything to him,
 they would always have fought against him.

 Some would have hidden from him cave artists;

others would have hunted him down bold sports-men.

Their faith that they could once succeed in improving God......
......Elias Canetti

Crowds and shouting.

Crowds and shouting. 
A significant function of the crowd is to out shout dangers: 
whether earthquakes or enemies. 

People get together in order to shout louder. 

When the other,
 the earthquake or the enemy, has gone silent, 
then the crowd has won.

 It is important to bear in mind that the ocean will not be outshouted. 

For even if a strong crowd succeeded in being louder than the sea for an instant,
 it would none the less never silence the sea. 

Hence, in the minds of those who know it,

 the sea has remained the greatest crowd, 

which no one can ever equal....Elias Canetti

Friday, 29 December 2017

Movement Of knowledge

The peculiar movement of knowledge.
 It keeps still for a long time, 
like rock or seemingly dead life. 

Then all at once it gets an unexpectedly plant like character. 
You happen to glance at it: 

It hasn’t moved from the spot, 
but it’s grown. 

A great moment, but not yet a miracle. 
For one day, you look somewhere else, 
and that knowledge is there, where it certainly wasn’t until then, 

it has changed places, it has leaped. 
Everyone waits for this leaping knowledge. 

In the night, which fills us, 

we listen to the snarling of new predators,
 and their eyes glow in the dark, dangerous and greedy....Elias Canetti