Saturday, 30 December 2017


Everything became faster so there would be more time. But there is always less and less time.

The degree of definiteness in news keeps changing 
according to the way it’s transmitted. 
A messenger came running, 
his excitement infected the receiver. 

They had to act instantly. 
The excitement became the faith in the message. 

A letter is calm, 
if for no other reason than because it was secret during it’s transmission. 
One believes it, 
but with reservations,
 and one doesn’t feel impelled to act. 

The telegram combines certain features of the letter
 and with those of the old oral messenger.
 It is secret, unknown to the deliverer,
 but one is served alone with it;

 It is even more sudden than the messenger,
 it has something of death and therefore inspires more fear. 

We believe a telegram. 
Nothing is more disconcerting than to learn that a telegram lied.

One cannot breathe, 
everything is full of victory.

He imagines how people would have stood their own against an evil God.
 They would have become good against him.

 They would never have expected anything of him or prayed for anything to him,
 they would always have fought against him.

 Some would have hidden from him cave artists;

others would have hunted him down bold sports-men.

Their faith that they could once succeed in improving God......
......Elias Canetti

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