Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Sound and sound and noise.........

Silence...... the lines are in session

It's the slow crowd attempt to gather.......
a few rules to be added.....

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Crowds and Fire....

Fire is the same wherever it breaks out:
 it spreads rapidly; it is contagious and insatiable;

 it can break out anywhere, and with great suddenness;
 it is multiple; it is destructive; it has an enemy; it dies;
 it acts as though it were alive, and is so treated.

 All this is true of the crowd. the crowd is the same everywhere, in all periods and cultures;
 it remains essentially the same among men of the most diverse origin, education and language.

Once in being, it spreads with the utmost violence.
 Few can resist its contagion;

 it always wants to go on growing and there are no inherent limits to its growth.
 It can arise wherever people are together,
 and its spontaneity and suddenness are uncanny.

 It is multiple but cohesive.
 It is composed of large number of people,
 but one never knows exactly how many. 

It dies away as quickly as it has arisen, and often as inexplicably;
 and it has, as goes without saying, its own restless and violent life.

These likenesses between fire and the crowd have led to the close assimilation of their images;
 they enter into each other and can stand for each other.

Elias Canetti.....The crowds

The crowds..........

Fire is multiple.
 Not only does one know that there must be fires in many,

 indeed in innumerable places,
 but the individual fire itself is multiple: 

we speak of flames and of tongues of flame.
 In the Vedas fire is called "The one Agni, manifoldly ablaze".

Fire is sudden; it can originate anywhere.
No one is ever surprised when fire breaks out;

 here, there, or somewhere, it is always expected.

Its very suddenness is impressive and people invariably search for a cause.

The fact that often none can be found adds to the awe inherent in the idea of fire.
 It has a mysterious ubiquity;

 it can appear anywhere and at any time.

Elias Canetti......the crowd

Friday, 16 December 2011

Lines are Drawn.........

In a state of war............ the mind set
What is man without reverence, and what has reverence made of man!

The war divides people into two parties:
 one is absolutely warlike, the other absolutely peaceful. 

The former continues the war in plans of revenge;
 the latter celebrates reconciliation long before winning.

Experiencing and judging are as distinct as breathing and biting.

Happiness is: happily losing your unity,

 and every emotion comes and is silent and goes,

 and every part of the body listens on its own.

Saturday, 10 December 2011

drawing lines......

The blind, those know- it- alls.

To find the path through the labyrinth of one's own time without giving in to one's own time, and without jumping out.

Sadness as weapons-they threw their sadnesses at one another's heads.

Friday, 9 December 2011

Historical lines.......

How can things be different after this history?
Can it be hidden, denied, changed?
 Do you have a recipe for it?

It is possible, however, that we are seeing a false history. Perhaps the correct one can be reveled only when death is beaten.

drawing lines in fire........

Ordering thought around four or five words might still make sense,
 it leaves some space.
 How dreadful are the mystics of one word.
Elias Canetti......1960

When ever they have gone too far, the have not gone far enough......the line in motion

It is very hard not to say more than one wants to.

Monday, 5 December 2011

I am interested in living people and i am interested in literary characters.
 I despise any cross between them.
Elias Canetti.....1960

For him, all windows seem to be leading to infinity.
 But if he looks through some windows from outside,
 he feels as if he were settling into life from infinity.

The leap into the universal is so dangerous that one has to keep practicing it,
 and always in the same spot.

Without books, Joy turns rotten.

The splendor is reserved for the moment of annihilation.
Elias Canetti......1960

Sunday, 4 December 2011

The Line........

The manufacture of reason...........
They never pass, the things we eat daily, they sing like the men in the fire

Everything gets more meaningful from year to year: the ageing man will drown in meanings.

He burnt all his books and withdrew as a hermit into a public library.

Those heroes! They always know who is watching.
Elias Canetti...1949